Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Year - outstanding start!

So it's been approximately 4 months since my last entry and wow, not only has time flown by but so much has happened. Reading back over my previous post, I said that I was looking forward to closing out the year 2010 on a high note and the Lexington facility sure did - a total of 70 horses were adopted out! Many thanks to all those that provided homes and also to those that expressed support for New Vocations.

The New Year started off with a bang with 9 horses finding homes in January and February has been equally successful with 7 horses re homed with still a few days left. Hopefully we can maintain this high rate of adoptions throughout the upcoming year.

As for news, let's start with Hotstufanthensome. He had been rehabbing with me since April 2010 and following exposure of his plight in the Bloodhorse, he was offered a permanent retirement home at Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue in NY. He moved there in mid January and settled in quickly, thriving in his new environment. I'd like to thank everyone concerned for getting Hot Stuff where he needed to be.

Z Fortune, a runner in the 2009 Derby came in late January to New Vocations Lexington, generating quite a stir and just one look at him and you can see why. Z has taken to his new life very well including his 2nd shot at fame. Today Amanda Duckworth from visited him and he will also be featured in a documentary which should start shooting March/April at the Lexington facility.

Although the weather has been cold and frosty, the warmth that has been extended to our horses is overwhelming. More new horses are arriving by the day and you can follow new arrivals on our Facebook page and also get a sneak preview of what is coming up for adoption on Audrey's website. As you may or may not know, Audrey is our professional photographer and is responsible for the always wonderful photos of our horses.

So with Spring getting closer by the day, we are hoping that 2011 will continue to be a prosperous year not only for New Vocations but also for all our supporters!

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  1. Really happy to find your blog:) I follow you on Facebook, but I'm kind of addicted to OTTBs and love hearing all their stories. I'll always be grateful to New Vocations for my boy...keep up the truly amazing work:)